Taylor Swift Successfully Seduces A Muslim Man

Taylor Swift goat

Christmas came early for pop star Taylor Swift as she finally fulfilled her lifelong dream, and successfully seduced a virile Muslim man by dressing up in the extreme erotic baby goat costume above.

As you can see in this video clip, Taylor and the other concubines in this Muslim’s harem were rewarded for their halal cosplay efforts with a saucer filled with his potent and pungent Islamic ball juice.

Taylor Swift fat tits ass

Of course it normally takes 5 or more women to ingest just one load from a mighty Muslim’s enormous hairy ball satchel… But as you can see in the pic above, Taylor has really packed on the pounds in her tits and ass in recent months so she can more than pull her weight when it comes to washing down this bowl of baby batter.

Taylor Swift ass

Yes, Taylor’s weight gain is certainly a good thing… For not only would skinny Taylor not have stood a chance of swallowing all of this semen, but her tight bony little booty would have surely been battered and bruised beyond repair from the banging of a massive Muslim meat scud.

Author: mmoo