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Elena Kampouris’ Hottest Moments

Elena Kampouris sexy

“Sacred Lies” star Elena Kampouris is an infidel woman us pious Muslims have had our eye on due to her pleasing nubile appearance, strong core, and powerful shapely backside (as you can see in the photos below).


Elena Kampouris Elena Kampouris Elena Kampouris
Elena Kampouris Elena Kampouris Elena Kampouris
Elena Kampouris Elena Kampouris Elena Kampouris
Elena Kampouris Elena Kampouris Elena Kampouris
Elena Kampouris Elena Kampouris Elena Kampouris

Elena is certainly a fine specimen of female livestock, which makes it such a shame that she is squandering her talents struggling to make it in heathen Hollywood when she could be living a pious and richly rewarding life in service to a Muslim master.

The video clip above perfectly illustrates this point. As Elena pointlessly expends energy hanging around like a whore instead of using that same core strength to pull a plow or balance herself on top of an enormous Muslim meat scud. Truly the West is a decadent and depraved place when female resources like Elena Kampouris are so recklessly wasted.

Dove Cameron In A Pink Bra Straddling A Bike

Dove Cameron bra

Disney star Dove Cameron shows off her perky pale tits in a pink bra while straddling a motorcycle in the slutty video clip below.

Dove Cameron has really started to intensify her whoring as of late, for she knows that time is running out on her career and if she does not shed her “family friendly” image soon she may never become the big heathen Hollywood sex symbol starlet she was destined to be.

Dove Cameron cleavage

Of course growing up on the Disney Channel, Dove was groomed from a young age to follow in a long and illustrious line of Mouseketeers sluts. Now Dove simply has to put all of her training to good use, and show the hopelessly depraved infidel masses what she has to offer.

The videos above are a good start, but if Dove is ever going to be a household name then she has got to start posing completely nude more often…

Dove Cameron nude ass

And tighten up her ass. For Christ’s sake this isn’t the 1990’s, a star can’t get away with having dumpy hindquarters anymore.

Jade Chynoweth’s Snapchat Ass Shaking Is Out Of Control

Jade Chynoweth bikini

As you can see in the compilation video below, dancer and social media sensation Jade Chynoweth’s Snapchat ass shaking is completely out of control.

Us Muslims have been closely following Jade on her Snapchat for years, as she is one of the finest specimens of female livestock in the infidel West. In fact, I personally have pleasured my enormous tunic snake numerous times to the thought of Jade’s tight strong body pulling the plow out in my poppy fields.

Unfortunately in the past few months Jade has not only not renounced her blasphemous slutty secular ways, but she has intensified her booty jiggling depravity. How does Jade expect me to continue enjoying flogging my manhood to her Snapchat when she keeps filming videos of her gyrating ass (and sadly I don’t mean a donkey with Parkinson’s)? Needless to say Jade’s next video better be of her doing something halal like digging a well or harvesting figs, or she is going to have one less follower.

Emma Roberts Shows Gratuitous Side Boob

Emma Roberts side boob

Emma Roberts shows gratuitous amounts of side boob in the video clip below from her new film “Time of Day”.

It is actually quite remarkable that someone who is a card carrying member of the itty bitty titty committee like Emma, could muster this much side boob. Unfortunately for Emma the appropriate “time of day” to show this amount of tit is exactly half past never, and she will burn in the hellfire for all eternity for daring to do so.

Emma Roberts bikini

Of course this sinful chesticle display comes as no surprise, for as the niece of actress Julia Roberts and daughter to actor Eric Roberts, Emma was raised in the heart of the beast in heathen Hollywood. So naturally she thinks nothing of displaying her blasphemous female body.

Emma Roberts topless

Which is a shame for her, for as you can see from the topless pic above, Emma has the crescent moon of Islam tattooed by her breasts signaling her extreme eagerness to be bred by us virile Muslim men. However, Emma fails to realize that our potent manly Muslim essence is only for women who are far more modest, and that the only liquid she’d get out of us is a cup full of acid to her horse face.

Vanessa Hudgens Swimsuit Slut Show

Vanessa Hudgens swimsuit

Former Disney star Vanessa Hudgens celebrates her Labor Day weekend by slutting it up in a black swimsuit in the photo above, and red bikini in the video clips below.

They say you are not supposed to wear white after Labor Day, so clearly Vanessa is whoring herself in these swimsuits to try and get one last bukake gang bang in before the beginning of Fall. Of course Vanessa is going to need to find at least three dozen infidel men to ejaculate on her to even come close to the volume of ball juice that is blasted from just one Islamic ball satchel.

Vanessa Hudgens legs

Unfortunately for Vanessa she recently blew her chance at ever experiencing a powerful drenching from a massive Muslim meat hose, when she defiled the holy burka by modifying it to show off her sinful female legs in the photos above… So she is really going to have her work cut out for her hunting down enough kuffar males to dribble their piddly watery loads on her.

Peyton List Naughty Lingerie Obsession

Peyton List nightie

20-year-old Disney star Peyton List is completely obsessed with wearing naughty lingerie, as you can see from her laying on her bed in a silk nightie in the photo above, and her going out clubbing with her friends while in a see through white lace negligee in the pic below.

Peyton List lingerie

Of course a girl who goes out dressed like Peyton in this pic is going to head home with at least one guy for a night of casual dicking, and that is just what Peyton appears to have done…

Peyton List lingerie bath

… As you can see from the photos above in which Peyton takes a post-coitus bath with her effeminate male lover. This of course gets her lingerie soaking wet, thus making it even more transparent.

Peyton List cleavage

Speaking of transparent, it couldn’t be more obvious that Peyton’s lingerie slut show is an effort to get out of her Disney contract so that she can move on to “more mature” roles. This also explains Peyton’s behavior in the video below, in which she live streams her cleavage and flashes her panties with an upskirt shot.

Unfortunately for Peyton, the Zionists who run Disney have become so openly depraved themselves that nothing short of a gang bang in the middle of the Magic Kingdom is going to get them to release her.

Keilah Kang Hottest Photos Ultimate Collection

Keilah Kang selfie

With over 1.3 million followers on Instagram it is safe to say that model Keilah Kang is the most popular half Asian whore on social media, and as you can see from the collection of photos below, she is also the hottest.


Keilah Kang Keilah Kang Keilah Kang
Keilah Kang Keilah Kang Keilah Kang
Keilah Kang Keilah Kang Keilah Kang
Keilah Kang Keilah Kang Keilah Kang
Keilah Kang Keilah Kang Keilah Kang
Keilah Kang Keilah Kang Keilah Kang
Keilah Kang Keilah Kang Keilah Kang
Keilah Kang Keilah Kang Keilah Kang
Keilah Kang Keilah Kang Keilah Kang
Keilah Kang Keilah Kang Keilah Kang
Keilah Kang Keilah Kang Keilah Kang
Keilah Kang Keilah Kang Keilah Kang

Us incredibly virile and fabulously wealthy Muslim men are constantly on the lookout for new concubines for our harems, and with her pleasingly symmetrical face, adequate waist to hip ratio, and righteously bulbous breasts, Keilah Kang certainly seems to fit the bill. Especially considering that Keilah’s Asian heritage means she is subservient by nature, and will require little training.

However, Keilah’s current owner should know that even though us Muslims are interested in purchasing her we expect a discount for Keilah being a half-breed mongrel. With that said, I am prepared to offer 3 of my older goats (all males of course), 6 bags of expired figs, and half a jug of my homemade fermented yak’s milk for the exclusive rights to Keilah’s sex holes.

Ashley Benson Plays A Naughty Busty Cheerleader

“Pretty Little Liars” star Ashley Benson takes on a new role as a naughty busty cheerleader in the video clip above from the film “The Texas Cheerleader Scandal”.

Ashley Benson Snapchat

This was certainly the part that Ashley Benson was born to play, for as you can see in the Snapchat photo above Ashley is already a bosomy whore. Really the only “acting” that Ashley had to do for this role was to pretend to be a cheerleader, and since all that that entails is getting her sin holes slammed by the football team it should come as no surprise that she pulled it off in spectacular fashion.

Ashley Benson bikini

Yes it certainly is refreshing to see an actress who knows the limits of her “talents”, and does not try to be something more than she is. For so long as her milk sacks continue to defy gravity Ashley Benson will have a career in heathen Hollywood playing big breasted bimbos.

Selena Gomez Blows Out Her Knees Giving BJs

Selena Gomez nightie

Selena Gomez is going all out to rekindle her fading music career as she just released a new single, began lebodyking with Justin Bieber again, and of course has been no doubt sucking off every important record producer, promoter, and sound engineer in the music industry.

In fact, Selena has made no secret of her degenerate ways as she posts video clips like the one above of her “waiting to” polish the knob of the next music exec that may help her regain the spotlight.

Selena Gomez upskirt

Unfortunately for Selena this heavy cock sucking workload has taken its toll on her body. For as you can see in the photo above, Selena has spent so much time on her knees in recent weeks that her kneecaps have become a battered bloody mess, and her hair has turned white from all the dried spunk being shot into it.

However, if any whore can power through this sort of physical trauma it is Selena Gomez. For back in the day in Tijuana she famously pulled triple shifts when the other girls at the donkey show came down with a nasty case of the Spanish Flu.

Debby Ryan Flaunting Her Fat Titties

Former Disney star Debby Ryan flaunts her fat titties in an extremely tight low cut top in the video clip above.

Debby Ryan cleavage

Debby’s big bulbous bobbies are the last thing that she has going for her, as her maidenhead was smashed to smithereens years ago on the Disney Channel casting couches. Of course instead of doing the virtuous thing and taking her massive mammaries to get milked on a Muslim dairy farm, Debby has decided to defy the will of Allah and whore her chest sacks for attention.

Unfortunately for Debby Ryan her days of exposing her supple milky white breast meat are numbered, for us pious Muslims do not take kindly to those women who commit blasphemy with their boobies… Not to mention our righteous rage at women who do pilates… Do a real workout you lazy pudgy whore!