Rose McGowan Spotted Swapping Tongues With A Mystery Man

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Okay it is now official. We can safely say that someone is currently fucking Rose McGowan. The cameras caught the 38 year old celebrity chick at Gelson’s Supermarket in the Socal district. The paparazzi thought she was just acting like her usual self, strutting her fine celeb body and out and about while wearing a see through top which exposes her sweet bras and boobs. See just how sweet they are on Rose McGowan’s sexy pics on this update.

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The paparazzi stalked her and took some spicy snaps of this celeb hottie while she bought some stuff. But out of the blue, our stalked Hollywood celeb suddenly stopped at some food stall to hook up with this bearded guy. For the past couple of months, there are frequent sightings of Rose McGowan and everyone thought she hasn’t been getting any because of her single status. But according to these hot photographs of Rose McGowan, she’s letting a dweeb with ugly hair fuck her tight body. I mean, dude who has highlights nowadays? Even the former members of Back Street Boys won’t be caught dead sporting a ‘do like that!

rose mcgowan sex photos

I don’t know if Rose McGowan is just this desperate to get a dick inside her, but girl, you can do much better. Well you have to give it to this celeb, she used to date Marylin Manson, compared to that freak Rose McGowan’s current fuck partner looks decent. I just don’t get it, why someone so hot and sexy like Rose McGowan let weirdos like this dude hold their jugs, eat their cunts and fuck them silly! While I ponder on that, enjoy Rose McGowan’s see through jugs on these candid stills. If you want to see more spank worthy celebrity scandals, head on over at Celebrity Spanker today!