Peyton List Naughty Lingerie Obsession

Peyton List nightie

20-year-old Disney star Peyton List is completely obsessed with wearing naughty lingerie, as you can see from her laying on her bed in a silk nightie in the photo above, and her going out clubbing with her friends while in a see through white lace negligee in the pic below.

Peyton List lingerie

Of course a girl who goes out dressed like Peyton in this pic is going to head home with at least one guy for a night of casual dicking, and that is just what Peyton appears to have done…

Peyton List lingerie bath

… As you can see from the photos above in which Peyton takes a post-coitus bath with her effeminate male lover. This of course gets her lingerie soaking wet, thus making it even more transparent.

Peyton List cleavage

Speaking of transparent, it couldn’t be more obvious that Peyton’s lingerie slut show is an effort to get out of her Disney contract so that she can move on to “more mature” roles. This also explains Peyton’s behavior in the video below, in which she live streams her cleavage and flashes her panties with an upskirt shot.

Unfortunately for Peyton, the Zionists who run Disney have become so openly depraved themselves that nothing short of a gang bang in the middle of the Magic Kingdom is going to get them to release her.

Author: mmoo