Leighton Meester scandal a hoax?

Leighton Meester in Gossip Girl

Last year, we, especially the Gossip Girl fans, were astounded by a supposed Leighton Meester sextape that made its rounds in the internet. First, it was all still photos or screencaps of the alleged sextape, showing Leighton’s face and tits, and ass, supposedly, but not a photo of her entire body. Then the entire sextape was released and though the vid isn’t clear enough to verify it was indeed Leighton, those who have seen it were convinced that it was really her on the sex scandal.

Leighton Meester bikini pic

The young actress kept mum about it for some time, until the release of her songs for her upcoming album. By the time her first single came out, she made a statement that it wasn’t her on the vid. Coincidental? Yeah right. Well, even if it was her or not in the fucktape, it still made an impact on her single. What a way to publicize things. These Hollywood celebs have really got it all planned out for their stardom. Well, if you haven’t seen the vid, just go and drop by here to see if the Leighton Meester sextape was a hoax or not.

Leighton Meester sextape