Laura Donnelly Nude Scenes From “Outlander” Enhanced In 4K

Laura Donnelly nude

The video below features Laura Donnelly’s nude scenes from the TV series “Outlander” enhanced in ultra high definition.

These Laura Donnelly nude scenes are certainly a rarity in heathen Hollywood, as they feature the only two times it is acceptable for a woman’s blasphemous bare breasts to see the light of day…

Laura Donnelly nude

The first is of course while she is getting her udders milked (although Laura really needs to tug on her teats with more vigor if she wants to properly empty her sacks), and the other is when a woman’s top gets torn off while being gang banged in the town square for dressing like a whore.

However, while these nude scenes may be halal, Laura’s role promoting Satanic witchcraft on the new HBO series “The Nevers” certainly is not… And so, let us pray that the Sharia stones of justice will soon determine her fate.

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