Lara Stone Topless And Wet Shirt Photos

Warning! NFSW images of a super hot celeb on this week’s edition of Celebrity Spanker! To cure us all from the post-Halloween celebration hung-overs which we all have been nursing all weekend long, here are some really hot topless photographs of Lara Stone. The 28 year old super sensuous Dutch model bared her hooters in front of fashion photographer Mikale Jansson’s cam for a very raunchy Fall/Winter editorial spread for The Last Magazine.

Most of the snapshots of leggy and booby model Lara Stone for this magazine editorial shows the fashion celebrity either bra-less, topless or wetting her tasty boobies. Yep, there are awesome photographs of this tall and sexy blonde super model wetting her yummy titties. Just check out Lara Stone as she pours a bottle of water on her boobs while wearing that flimsy white tank top… before she takes it right off her hot body. Truly spank worthy! I’ll be jerking myself sore with these hot NFSW pics!

Last Magazine hits the jackpot! I bet the particular issue of their magazine with Lara Stone’s bare breasted and wet tank top pictures will completely sell off the shelves. Celeb NFSW at its finest! For more photographs of Lara Stone and other hot celebs from movie stars, reality TV babes and super models, head on over at Celebrity Spanker today!