Emma Roberts Shows Gratuitous Side Boob

Emma Roberts side boob

Emma Roberts shows gratuitous amounts of side boob in the video clip below from her new film “Time of Day”.

It is actually quite remarkable that someone who is a card carrying member of the itty bitty titty committee like Emma, could muster this much side boob. Unfortunately for Emma the appropriate “time of day” to show this amount of tit is exactly half past never, and she will burn in the hellfire for all eternity for daring to do so.

Emma Roberts bikini

Of course this sinful chesticle display comes as no surprise, for as the niece of actress Julia Roberts and daughter to actor Eric Roberts, Emma was raised in the heart of the beast in heathen Hollywood. So naturally she thinks nothing of displaying her blasphemous female body.

Emma Roberts topless

Which is a shame for her, for as you can see from the topless pic above, Emma has the crescent moon of Islam tattooed by her breasts signaling her extreme eagerness to be bred by us virile Muslim men. However, Emma fails to realize that our potent manly Muslim essence is only for women who are far more modest, and that the only liquid she’d get out of us is a cup full of acid to her horse face.

Author: mmoo