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Madelaine Petsch Hard Sex Training

Madelaine Petsch sexy

“Riverdale” star Madelaine Petsch continues to train hard in the hopes of one day fulfilling her dream of being vigorously sexed by virile Muslim men.

As you can see from the workout video above, Madelaine is focused on exercising all of her major sex muscle groups…

Madelaine Petsch lips tits

And with her swollen dick sucking lips already in place, the only thing Madelaine needs to improve is her thigh gap to accommodate the tremendous girth of a Muslim’s mighty meat pole.

Madelaine Petsch sexy

Of course even with all of this training, if Madelaine is ever lucky enough to get her scarlet sin slit slammed by an Islamic tunic snake she will almost certainly spend her remaining days walking bow legged… Luckily for her those days would be limited, as after her orifices are used up she would be tried, convicted, and stoned under Sharia law for her crimes against morality.

Sommer Ray Thong Ass Twerking Workout

Sommer Ray ass

It is no secret that model Sommer Ray owes her success to her halal tight round ass… But as a woman without a powerful master to beat her thoroughly and force her into back-breaking field work, how has she been able to develop such a taut tush?


Sommer Ray Sommer Ray Sommer Ray
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Sommer Ray Sommer Ray Sommer Ray
Sommer Ray Sommer Ray Sommer Ray
Sommer Ray Sommer Ray Sommer Ray
Sommer Ray Sommer Ray Sommer Ray
Sommer Ray Sommer Ray Sommer Ray
Sommer Ray Sommer Ray Sommer Ray
Sommer Ray Sommer Ray Sommer Ray

Sommer’s superior shitter was certainly not made in the gym in a thong leotard in the photos above, as she barely breaks a sweat while posing with this pussified kuffar exercise equipment…

No, the secret to Sommer’s mighty hindquarters is clearly found in the way she vigorously twerks her booty meat in the video above… However with that said, if Sommer is serious about her fanny fitness she will come get her cheeks clapped by a virile Muslim man, for the intensity of the powerful thrusts of our tremendous tunic scuds is a workout that is second to none.

Jessica Alba Doggy Style Workout

Jessica Alba ass

Jessica Alba reveals the secret to her world famous shapely ass cheeks in the doggy style workout video below.

All female exercises should involve them being on their hands and knees, for it is by far the most important position for women to work on as it covers everything from scrubbing the floors to getting their rectums stretched by their powerful Muslim masters.

Of course Jessica didn’t always have such a halal fitness regime… For as you can see in the video clip above, in her younger days she trained to be a stripper (no doubt even rehearsing the $20 handjobs in the private VIP rooms).

Jessica Alba camel toe

However, years of being rode hard and put up wet have taken their toll on Jessica’s body (see her swollen mound pictured above)… And so it is certainly no surprise that Jessica’s workout routine has become so low impact, for at this point there is a real risk for her uterus to prolapse.

Kate Beckinsale Bikini Pics And Doggy Sex Tape

Kate Beckinsale bikini sexy

Kate Beckinsale brazenly bares her long legs and tight tummy in the bikini photos above and below.

Kate Beckinsale bikini sexy

As we all know, Kate is quite proud of her toned midsection, and she enjoys showing off how “fit” she is.

Of course Kate is completely delusional about her stomach being impressive, as well as far too dumb to realize that the exercise she is doing in the video above is working her hip flexors and not her abs… So it is no wonder that Kate lacks the washboard six pack our beloved pious Musliminas develop from pulling the plow and taking punches to the gut when their chores are not finished on time.

Sadly Kate is as lacking in self-awareness as she is in morality, as she stuffs some Snausages up her snatch and forces a dog to go to town on her stinking sex box in the video above. Of course even this mangy mutt knows better than to stick his red rocket in Kate’s no doubt diseased dick cave, and he instead opts to hump her leg (much to Kate’s frustration).

Kate Beckinsale Topless Tease And Stretch

Kate Beckinsale topless

Kate Beckinsale teases showing off her titties in the cropped topless photos above and below.

Kate Beckinsale topless

At 46-years-old it is amazing that Kate’s senile brain and arthritic fingers can even work a cell phone let alone use one to crop out her old lady breasts like this.

Kate Beckinsale selfies

Of course if she keeps this up it is only a matter of time before Kate’s liver spotted hands get the shakes and she accidentally posts a selfie pic of her nude body.

In the meantime Kate has been limbering up to prepare to take a Muslim’s massive manhood in her decrepit cock cave, for she heard that we consider her to be quite the “MILF”.

Kate Beckinsale stretch

Unfortunately for Kate in the holy Islamic world MILF stands for Mother I’d Like To Flog… Although with that said her impressive flexibility may come in handy if we decide to tie her legs to some racing camels and see how long her rickety joints hold up for.

Miley Cyrus Nude And Slut Training Workout

Miley Cyrus nude

As you can see from the nude Miley Cyrus photo above, when you strip away all the body hair and prison tattoos you get a woman who is serious about her craft… And her craft is being a degenerate gutter skank.

Yes, Miley doesn’t just roll out of bed in the morning and wipe off all the dried up semen (both human and animal) from the night before and just expect to be the number one slut in Showbiz… She puts in the hard work necessary to make it happen… As we can see from her whorish workout training session in the video above.

Miley’s exercise (or should I say sexercise) regime appears to consist of an under boob flashing warm-up, followed by a set of intense vaginal thrusters, and then right into some reps of ass twerking and booty popping. Truly Miley is a consummate professional who deserves both the depraved recognition she gets and the righteous stones of justice hurled at her head.