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Top 10 Celeb Nude Scenes From 1976-1980

The video above features a compilation of the best celebrity nude scenes in films from 1976-1980, in what is a continuation of our award winning series (1970-1975 can be found here).

There is no denying that even in the late 1970’s when Satanic disco music and homofag British singers were all the craze, heathen Hollywood still managed to produce nude scenes that are much more halal than the ones today.

However, if you do not wish to see these blasphemous boobies from the past in motion in the video above, the list of actresses is presented as photos below.

Lynda Carter – “Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw” (1976)

Lynda Carter nude

Rae Sperling – “Hollywood High” (1976)

Rae Sperling nude

Rae Sperling – “Game Show Models” (1977)

Rae Sperling nude

Joan Collins – “The Stud” (1978)

Joan Collins nude

Susan Sarandon – “Pretty Baby” (1978)

Susan Sarandon nude

Idy Tripoldi – “Fairy Tales” (1978)

Idy Tripoldi nude

Kirsten Baker – “Gas Pump Girls” (1979)

Kirsten Baker nude

Lenka Novak – “Cheerleader’s Wild Weekend” (1979)

Lenka Novak nude

Wally Ann Wharton – “Cheerleader’s Wild Weekend” (1979)

Wally Ann Wharton nude

Dawn Clark – “The Hollywood Knights” (1980)

Dawn Clark nude

Izabel Goulart Nude Photos Collection

Izabel Goulart nude

The gallery below features the complete collection of super model Izabel Goulart’s nude photos from her illustriously depraved career.


Izabel Goulart Izabel Goulart Izabel Goulart
Izabel Goulart Izabel Goulart Izabel Goulart
Izabel Goulart Izabel Goulart Izabel Goulart
Izabel Goulart Izabel Goulart Izabel Goulart
Izabel Goulart Izabel Goulart Izabel Goulart
Izabel Goulart Izabel Goulart Izabel Goulart
Izabel Goulart Izabel Goulart Izabel Goulart

Izabel claims to be from the Mexican nation of Brazil, but based on her features and the small size of her ass she is clearly of heathen European decent.

No doubt Izabel’s grandfather was a French Nazi collaborator who escaped to the barbaric backwoods of Brazil after the war to avoid prosecution for his “war crimes” against the Jews during the Holocaust… However, you can rest assured that even with Izabel’s illustrious lineage she will not avoid the Sharia stones of justice… And unlike the half-assed Holocausting of the Nazis, us righteous Muslims always get the job done.

Addison Rae Showing Off Her Nude Nipples

Addison Rae nude

Addison Rae flaunts her nude nipples in the topless photo above and nip slip one below.

Addison Rae nip slip

It is easy to see why Addison is the most popular teen thot on TikTok (with 48.3 million followers), as she has the ability to prostitute both her tits and her ass.

Of course Addison’s bread and butter will always be in booty shaking, but having the ability to mix things up with some brazen boobie baring every now and then certainly helps to keep her hopelessly depraved heathen fanbase erect and engaged.

Addison Rae sexy

Add to that Addison’s dabbling in showing off her flexible fuck positions, and she will no doubt be the undisputed Queen of attention whoring for the foreseeable future…

Addison Rae bikini

So let us pray that Addison soon fulfills her destiny and gets knocked-up and dumped by some dirt skin, so that single motherhood consumes the time needed to produce any more of this social media sluttery.

Joey King Nude Photo Spread

Joey King nude

When he heard that actress Joey King would be posing for a new photo spread, we assumed it would be along the lines of the nude picture above of her legs spread wide.

Joey King sexy

However as you can see from the pics above, Joey appears to have finally acquired an ounce of humility, as she hides her perky tits behind a bra for the new issue of InStyle magazine.

It is good to see that Joey is learning to be properly disgusted and ashamed by her blasphemously feminine body…

Joey King ass swimsuit

Who knows perhaps one day soon she will even fully obscure her sinful frame for good by wearing a coarse black wool burka… Or better yet she will take note of our superior Islamic moral sensibility, and drown her slutty ass for having committed so many deplorably degenerate acts in the past.

Marta Gastini Full Frontal Nude Scene From “Borgia”

Marta Gastini nude

The video below features Italian actress Marta Gastini’s full frontal nude scene from the TV series “Borgia”.

There is no denying that Marta’s tight round ass is quite nice… Her tiny androgynous titties and dark thick musty pubic burka certainly add to her appeal to us pious Muslim men as well… However, all of that is certainly not enough to make up for her blasphemously brazen ways, and her fugly wide set eyes fish face.

Marta Gastini nude

Yes, Marta’s dank hairy greasy guido gash is certainly a sight to behold, but her face is what is known as a triple burka-er in the Islamic world… For to bang her one would need a burka for her, one for yourself in case her’s fell off, and one for your favorite goat so that she would not lose all respect for you.

Olivia Wilde Nude Scenes From “Third Person” Enhanced In 4K

Olivia Wilde nude

The video below features Olivia Wilde’s nude scenes from the film “Third Person” color-corrected and enhanced in ultra high definition.

While there is certainly no denying that Olivia’s naked body is a vile and sinfully offensive sight to behold, us pious Muslims find that she does possess a couple of redeeming attributes. The first is that her tiny tight tush is extremely reminiscent of the one’s on our beloved bacha bazi (dancing boys)… And the other is that with her strong square jawline she can take a punch, and so after a righteous beating she won’t be sidelined from dick sucking for long.

Yes, this video has helped secure Olivia’s place in the coming world Islamic caliphate getting her poop chute and smug mug pounded… A tremendous honor to be sure.

Rita Ora Nude Tits And Ass Outtakes

Rita Ora nude

The outtake photos above of singer Rita Ora’s nude tits and ass have just been released online.

Rita Ora panties

It will certainly come as quite the surprise to many to see Rita’s bare boob and buttocks like this, for in the infidel West she is considered a pillar of class and understated sophistication… As you can see from her spreading her legs in leather zippered panties above.

Of course there is no denying that Rita’s mocha mammeries are quite nice… It is just a shame that they are attached to a mud blood gutter skank… Thankfully this is a problem that can be quickly rectified with a couple of swipes from a sharpened scimitar. For Rita’s breast bags would be better put use as camel satchels, or even fig serving dishes.

Dove Cameron Ready To Show Off Her Nude Tits

Dove Cameron cleavage

Depraved Disney star Dove Cameron is now ready to start showing off her nude tits as much as possible, as you can see from the deep cleavage photos above and behind-the-scenes video clip below.

Of course it was always inevitable that Dove would prostitute her plastic boob bags like this, for she spent so much money on surgeries transforming her body (and face) that she has no doubt been dying to show it off to the world.

Dove Cameron nude

Yes, Disney will not be able to keep Dove’s degeneracy under wraps for much longer, as she is clearly about to break free and put on a crudely lewd display of epic proportions…

For as us powerful and fabulously wealthy Muslim men know all too well… You don’t buy a gold-plated Mercedes Maybach and leave it parked in your palace’s garage.

Gemma Arterton Nude Scene From “Gemma Bovery” Enhanced In 4K

Gemma Arterton nude

The video below features Gemma Arterton’s iconic nude sex scene from the film “Gemma Bovery” remastered and enhanced in ultra high definition.

Gemma Arterton is certainly one of the most blasphemously busty harlots in heathen Hollywood, so it was certainly important that this nude scene be enhanced so that her sickeningly sinful depravity can be fully appreciated.

Gemma Arterton cleavage

Of course after bouncing her bulbous breasts and getting her nipple suckled on, Gemma no doubt yearned to have a mighty Muslim tunic snake slither up her tit valley and spit its man venom on her face. Unfortunately for Gemma her big boob bags are far too saggy, and so they probably slide off of her chest plate and settle under her armpits whenever she is on her back thus making any attempt at slapping our meat scuds between her milk sacks an exercise in futility.

Simona Callegari Nude Black & White Photo Shoot

Simona Callegari nude

Model Simona Callegari shows off her aesthetically pleasing nude body in the “artsy” black and white photos below.


Simona Callegari Simona Callegari Simona Callegari
Simona Callegari Simona Callegari Simona Callegari
Simona Callegari Simona Callegari Simona Callegari
Simona Callegari Simona Callegari Simona Callegari
Simona Callegari Simona Callegari Simona Callegari

It remains a mystery why infidel photographers feel the need to try to trick models like Simona Callegari into posing for nude pics by telling them they will be in black and white for “art”, when she could probably be purchased from her greasy Italian father for half a bottle of olive oil and a chunk of stale salami.

Simona Callegari ass

Speaking of meat, Simona’s ravenous sex holes are certainly worthy of being fed some halal Islamic tunic steak, for she is a remarkably well-formed woman even in color (as you can see in the photo above). Of course it comes as no surprise that she is still relatively unknown in the West, for the infidel celebrity gatekeepers are all flaming homofags who are more interested in promoting politically correct progressive politics than top quality pussy like Simona’s Sicilian snatch.

Romane Bohringer Nude Scenes From “Total Eclipse”

Romane Bohringer nude

For this week’s “Throwback Thursday” we take a look back at French actress Romane Bohringer’s nude sex scenes from the 1995 film “Total Eclipse” in the video below.

These Romane Bohringer nude scenes certainly confirm what us pious Muslims have long suspected… That French women are utterly worthless creatures. For despite having nearly perfectly formed Gallic jugs, Romane has a frumpy manly face which only makes her desirable to the flaming homofag French frogs.

Luckily France is well on its way to being liberated by becoming the first holy Islamic caliphate in Europe. When that happens the guillotines will be brought out of storage, and the streets of Paris will run red with the blood of the undesirables in a great purge. Praise be to Allah!

Sabrina Lynn Nude Boobs Photo Shoot

Sabrina Lynn nude

The gallery below features model Sabrina Lynn’s showing her nude boobs for the very first time.


Sabrina Lynn Sabrina Lynn Sabrina Lynn
Sabrina Lynn Sabrina Lynn Sabrina Lynn
Sabrina Lynn Sabrina Lynn Sabrina Lynn
Sabrina Lynn Sabrina Lynn Sabrina Lynn
Sabrina Lynn Sabrina Lynn Sabrina Lynn

Sabrina Lynn takes great pride in her massive milky white mammaries being “all natural”…

But the holy Qur’an is very clear that the female body is a sinful sight, and that it is quite blasphemous for a woman to feel anything but immense shame towards it… And sadly (as you can further see from the photos below) it is clear that Sabrina is offensively lacking in humility.


Sabrina Lynn Sabrina Lynn Sabrina Lynn
Sabrina Lynn Sabrina Lynn Sabrina Lynn
Sabrina Lynn Sabrina Lynn Sabrina Lynn
Sabrina Lynn Sabrina Lynn Sabrina Lynn
Sabrina Lynn Sabrina Lynn Sabrina Lynn

Of course Sabrina should know that there is nothing “all natural” about being a redhead, for fiery scarlet hair is a sure sign of the unholy djinn infestation known as “gingervitis”… With the only known cure for this heinous affliction being a swift and severe lapidation with the Sharia stones of justice.

Alexandra Daddario’s Nudity Enhanced By Technology

Alexandra Daddario topless nude

As you can see in the mash-up photo above of Alexandra Daddario’s naked titties from “True Detective” with her smug slutty face from “Bereavement”; her salacious acts of nudity continue to be enhanced using advances in technology by the scientists at Celeb Jihad labs in Tehran.

Of course these brilliant Muslim minds did not stop there, as they once again took a crack at enhancing Alexandra’s nude pussy crack in video clip above.

Alexandra Daddario sexy

Even Alexandra’s relatively mundane acts of depravity are not safe from being brought to light like never before…

As the video above features Alexandra flaunting her milky white mammaries while changing clothes up-scaled to ultra high definition… Truly us pious Muslims are doing righteous work by using the Satanic witchcraft of science to expose Alexandra’s sickeningly sinful nature.

Kristen Stewart Fully Nude Selfies

Kristen Stewart nude

Actress Kristen Stewart appears to have just released the fully nude selfie photos above.

Of course it certainly comes as no surprise to see that Kristen Stewart’s sin slit is shamefully silky smooth, for she has probably had it vigorously licked raw by the coarse and calloused tongues of every lesbodyke in heathen Hollywood.

Kristen Stewart nude

Of course this isn’t the first time that Kristen has exposed her slutty sex organs on camera (as you can see above), and with “gay pride” month in full swing in the infidel West it almost certainly won’t be the last time we see Kristen’s blasphemous bare baby box in the coming weeks.

So let us pray that the governor of California quickly passes a law requiring cunt coverings to stem the spread of Kristen’s legs, before we once again have our pious Muslim eyes infected with the plague of her pussy pox.

Emma Isabella Holley Nude Photos Collection

Emma Isabella Holley nude

The gallery below features the complete collection of model Emma Isabella Holley’s nude photos to date.


Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley
Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley
Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley
Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley
Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley
Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley
Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley
Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley
Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley
Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley
Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley
Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley
Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley
Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley
Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley Emma Isabella Holley

With her dick sucking lips, tight round little ass, and short haircut, Emma shows promise as a potential stand-in for one of our beloved dancing boys who are constantly on the mend with ruptured rectums after a night of performing in the tents of us virile Muslim men.

Of course for Emma Isabella Holley to successfully pull off the illusion something must be done about her unsightly and unruly bulbous breasts. Luckily I haven’t come across a pair of tits I have not been able to tame. Just give me my scimitar, some duct tape, and two hours, and I’d have Emma looking as androgynous as Justin Bieber in his prime.

Emily Ratajkowski Nude Scene From “Gone Girl” Remastered And Enhanced

Emily Ratajkowski nude

Emily Ratajkowski’s puffy nipples nude scene from the film “Gone Girl” has just been remastered and enhanced in the video below.

This “Gone Girl” nude scene was certainly a monumental moment in Emily’s career, for it was when she realized that the Zionists who control heathen Hollywood would pay many shekels for her to show her breasts up on the big screen. Since that time Emily has completely stopped showcasing her bare bulbous boobies in the hopes that she will once again score a big payday to flap around her titties in a major motion picture.

Emily Ratajkowski ass thong

Of course Emily has not ended her whoring ways altogether, for she now focuses on prostituting her plump posterior by flaunting it in thongs like in the photos above…

And in booty shaking TikTok videos like the one above.

Kathryn Kampovsky Nude Photo Shoot Debut

Kathryn Kampovsky nude

Model Kathryn Kampovsky makes her nude photo shoot debut in the gallery below.


Kathryn Kampovsky Kathryn Kampovsky Kathryn Kampovsky
Kathryn Kampovsky Kathryn Kampovsky Kathryn Kampovsky
Kathryn Kampovsky Kathryn Kampovsky Kathryn Kampovsky

It certainly is important for up-and-coming models like Kathryn Kampovsky to add these sorts of sinfully salacious shoots to their resumes… For it not only demonstrates to casting agents their willingness to show off their blasphemously naked female flesh, but it also gives them an opportunity to showcase what sort of sex positions they can be banged in to land jobs.

Yes, Kathryn presents herself well in these nude pics, thus cementing her reputation as a rising star and assuring more modeling gigs in the future… However, if Kathryn hopes to be able to “model” for a virile Muslim photographer (which she almost certainly does), then she is going to have to work on getting her legs completely behind her head to provide enough room for his enormous Islamic manhood to give her the deep-dicking she so desperately desires.

Tana Mongeau Finally Flashes Her Nude Tits

Tana Mongeau nude

After nearly 10 years of tantalizing and teasing her hopelessly depraved fanbase, Internet star Tana Mongeau finally flashes her fully nude titties in the photo above.

Tana Mongeau topless

Now that Tana has progressed (or should I say digressed) to showing off her blasphemously bare big bulbous boobies, the next logical step for her is to do hardcore pornography.

However, with the current political environment and Tana’s past of scandalous social media past in which she used the dreaded “n-word”, her inevitable porn debut will no doubt feature her taking a knee and getting “blacked” by an ashy AIDS riddled Sub-Saharan schlong… A fitting punishment for all of Tana’s years of being a vapid cock teasing tart.

Autumn Reeser Nude Sex Scene From “The Big Bang” Color-Corrected

The video above features actress Autumn Reeser’s nude debut in a graphic sex scene from the film “The Big Bang” color-corrected and brightened.

Autumn Reeser nude

Autumn Reeser has spent the vast majority of her career in heathen Hollywood appearing on family friendly sitcoms and in sappy love stories on Lifetime, so it was certainly out of character for her to show off her perky tits and tight round little ass in this sex scene…

Autumn Reeser naked

The most logical explanation for this radical shift in raunchy behavior is that Autumn thought that “The Big Bang” was the TV series, and not some smut film in which she would play a tatted-up whore who sleeps with decrepit old Mexican actor Antonio Banderas… Next time she should read the script before signing a contract, less she find her self at the top of our starlet Sharia stoning list.

Madilyn Bailey Topless Nude Photo Shoot

Madilyn Bailey nude

Singer Madilyn Bailey appears to have posed topless for her first nude photo shoot in the upcoming publication of the “Pasty Perky Pokies” periodical.

Madilyn Bailey nipple

It certainly should come as no surprise to Madilyn’s 7.7 million YouTube subscribers that she would brazenly bare her blasphemous breasts like this, for in recent months she has been teasing showing off her titties in various bikini pics.

Madilyn Bailey bikini

This is no doubt because Madilyn has finally come to the realization that her vocal talents will only get her so far in music industry, and if she ever wants to truly break in to the mainstream she has to break out her mammaries (and probably her fat pussy mound as well). For when it comes to musical “artists” the hopelessly depraved infidel masses are not interested in runs, riffs, and falsetto, but rather boobs and butts bouncing to the beat.

Karolina Benefield Nude Scene From “Funhouse”

Karolina Benefield nude

The video below features actress Karolina Benefield’s big screen nude debut in the film “Funhouse”.

Us righteous Celeb Jihadists are always on the lookout for the next up-and-coming heathen harlot, so we can get in early on denouncing them as wanton Jezebels bound for the eternal hellfire… And by the looks of this nude video, Karolina Benefield may just be one of Hollywood’s next big stars.

Karolina Benefield sexy

There is certainly no denying Karolina’s unbelievable acting talents in this nude scene… For perhaps it is the way that she stares lecherously into the camera, or perhaps it is the fact that her bulbous round titties are out flapping in the breeze… But Karolina is completely convincing playing this horny blonde whore.

Jewel Staite Nude Tit Slip Outtakes

Jewel Staite nude

“Firefly” and “Stargate Atlantis” star Jewel Staite shows off her new big boobies by slipping out her nude tit in the outtake photos below.


Jewel Staite Jewel Staite Jewel Staite
Jewel Staite Jewel Staite Jewel Staite
Jewel Staite Jewel Staite Jewel Staite

Unfortunately this isn’t the first time that Jewel has brazenly bared her breasts in outtakes from a photo shoot…

Jewel Staite nude

For she showed both of her sinful chesticles while still a card carrying member of the itty bitty titty committee in the photo above.

Of course it is certainly no accident that Jewel exposed her enhanced milk sack like this, for she is letting heathen Hollywood casting directors know that she is ready to put her brand new bulbous bosom to work by bouncing them better than ever before in bikini scenes like the one above.

Darcy Isa Nude Selfie Photos

Darcy Isa nude

British actress Darcy Isa shows off her bulbous brown boobies in the recently released scandalous nude selfie photos below.


Darcy Isa Darcy Isa Darcy Isa
Darcy Isa Darcy Isa Darcy Isa
Darcy Isa Darcy Isa Darcy Isa

As you can see, Darcy Isa appears to be some sort of mixed race mongrel with massive mammaries… And since she was clearly named after the character “Mr. Darcy” from the Jane Austin novel “Pride and Prejudice”, it is safe to assume that her mother is white and her father is some shit skin Sub-Saharan that she slept with to social signal how “open-minded” and “progressive” she is.

Now that we’ve determined that Darcy’s father is a black, it is also safe to assume that he abandoned her and her mother before she was born and has not been part of her life since. This of course explains Darcy taking these nude pics, as she yearns for male attention to fill not just her sex holes, but also the hole in her heart from her severe daddy issues… Clearly Sherlock Holmes has nothing on superior Muslim deductive reasoning.

Jessica Pare Nude Scene Enhanced In 4K

Jessica Pare nude

The video below features “Mad Men” star Jessica Pare’s (in)famous nude scene from the film “Hot Tub Time Machine” enhanced in ultra high definition.

Seeing Jessica’s gigantic Gallic jugs in this remarkable quality certainly reminds us righteous Muslims that she is in desperate need of a Sharia stoning.

Jessica Pare nude

Of course as a French actress Jessica has more than one nude scene, as she also showed off her bulbous boobies in the obscure film “Stardom” in the video clip below.

Thankfully Jessica’s time tormenting us pious Muslims with her titties will soon be coming to an end…

Jessica Pare sexy

For not only has her acting career completely dried-up, but the holy Islamic caliphate of Franceistan is nearly at hand… As soon as the grand new Notre-Dame mosque finishes construction the great purge will begin, and the cowardly French frog natives will be easily led off to the guillotines.

Kate Nash Nude Scene From “Glow” Color-Corrected

Kate Nash nude

The video below features British singer turned actress Kate Nash’s nude scene from the Netflix series “Glow” color-corrected and enhanced.

This is yet another illustration of the base mindset of not only the English, but Western women in general… For when Kate Nash failed to make it as an “artist” with her music, she immediately fell back on showing her sloppy tit sacks for shekels in Zionist controlled heathen Hollywood.

Yes, instead of coming to the obvious conclusion that she is a talentless twit whose only value in life is that of a collection of moist holes made for pleasing a man and producing him babies, Kate continues to believe that she is so special she belongs in Showbiz. Thankfully the Sharia stones of justice will be able to straighten out this severe lack of self-awareness.