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Noriko Kijima Nude Sex Scenes From “The Torture Club”

Noriko Kijima Torture Club

The video below features Japanese actress Noriko Kijima’s graphic nude sex scenes from the film “The Torture Club”.

Clearly the heathen Chinese people of Japan have a very different view on how to properly torture a wanton Jezebel like Noriko Kijima… For this movie does not contain any car batteries being hooked up to her nipples or a blowtorch blasting her sinful sex slit.

Noriko Kijima sexy

Instead all that we get out of this film is some bondage, a lot of pearl polishing, and a bit of dildoing of Noriko’s moist lady rice paddy… So you can rest assured that a false advertising fatwa is being composed as we speak, and it will be delivered to Noriko and every other slant-eyed celestial involved in the production of this blasphemous piece of cinema.