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Gigi Hadid Nude Tits On The Runway

Gigi Hadid nude tits

Model Gigi Hadid once again uses the fashion runway to peddle her slutty wares, by putting her nude titties on display in a completely see through lace dress.

This dress certainly shows how terrible the infidels are at fashion, for the one and only purpose of female clothing is to obscure as much of their blasphemous bare flesh as possible.

Gigi Hadid nude tits

That is why the holy burka will always be the greatest garment ever invented… For not only is its coarse fabric exceptional at keeping women from getting too comfortable (another sin), but it covers every inch of their bodies.

Gigi Hadid nude tits

Honestly how could anyone find Gigi’s lopsided titties behind a shower curtain liner sexier, than a woman who displays the humility to be properly ashamed of her body? There really is no comparison.