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Dakota Fanning’s New Tits In A See Through Top

Dakota Fanning nude tits

Actress Dakota Fanning shows off her new bigger boobs while braless in a see through top in the photo above.

Dakota Fanning nipple pokies

There is no denying that Dakota’s breasts have been “enhanced” through the Zionist dark art of plastic surgery in recent months… Especially when comparing the photos above of Dakota when she was a card carrying member of the itty bitty titty committee to the recent ones below.

Dakota Fanning boobs

However according to the holy Qur’an, Dakota reached peak desirability some time between starring in “Man on Fire” and “War of the Worlds”. Now as a dilapidated 25-year-old she has literally no shot of ever getting banged by us virile Muslim men, and strapping stuff to her chest is not going to change that… Unless of course it were a martyr vest, but that is a whole other story.

January Jones’ New Tits Have Come In Nicely

January Jones tits

Former “Mad Men” and “X-Men: First Class” star January Jones shows off her new bulbous boobies in the selfies above and braless see through top photo below.

January Jones tits

Of course January did not always have such bosomy breasts…

For as you can see from the nude scene above (from the film “Sweetwater”) and the old fully naked photo below, January’s titties were at one point nothing to write home about.

January Jones nude

However, now that January has upgraded her mammaries, perhaps she will be lucky enough to experience the unimaginable pleasure of being roughly deep dicked by a virile Muslim’s massive meat scud. For we have always found her stern and icy demeanor appealing, and with those cold soulless eyes you know that she is just the type of stuck-up raging bitch that is such a blast to brutally sodomize.