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Ariel Winter Loves Showing Off Her Nipples

Ariel Winter nipple slip

“Modern Family” star Ariel Winter loves nothing more than showing off her nipples, as you can see from the nip slip photo above and sheer braless nip piercing flaunting video below.

Ariel should change her name to Areola after exposing her sinful tit toppers like this (as she fails to distract from her weird ass hairline)…

Ariel Winter nipple piercing

Of course Ariel famously had a good portion of her once even more massive mammaries hacked off… Yet sadly the surgeon did not toss Ariel’s milk valves in the trash with the rest of her useless udder meat… Now us pious Muslims are being constantly subjected to the salacious sluttery of Ariel’s blasphemous boob hats.

Margot Robbie Nipple Ring Slip

Margot Robbie nipple ring slip

Margot Robbie gives her fans a thrill by slipping out her pierced nipple while signing autographs in the photo above.

Margot Robbie nipple ring

As you can see, Margot certainly seems to enjoy showing off her beloved right nipple ring. It is just a shame that a powerful Muslim man was not in attendance at the time, for he would have acquired ownership over Margot by attaching a leash to her piercing and dragging her back to his barn.

Margot Robbie sexy boobs

For Sharia law is very clear that a wild hussy like Margot Robbie belongs to whoever tames her… And as we can see by the way that she flaunts her tit sacks, Margot is definitely still a feral floozy.

And just to hammer this point home, here are Margot’s nipples once again in her classic nude scene from “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

Margot Robbie Unveils Her Pierced Nipple

Margot Robbie pierced nipple

Margot Robbie unveils her new pierced nipple while proudly parading around her rock hard pokies in a skin tight top in the photos below.


Margot Robbie Margot Robbie Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie Margot Robbie Margot Robbie

Speculation was rampant that Margot pierced her nipple a few months ago when the photo below surfaced which appeared to show the glimmering of a metal bar through her tit topper, and now we have confirmation.

Margot Robbie pierced nipple

And as you can see when compared to Margot Robbie’s topless nude scene below, this nipple piercing is certainly a recent development.

Westerners may be surprised to learn that nipple piercings are an approved accessory for females in the Islamic faith, and that our pious Musliminas have been getting them for centuries. Of course what matters is not the piercing itself but rather who is holding the leash attached to it.

Unfortunately in the barbaric and backwards infidel West they fail to use the nipples to control their women, and foolishly allow them to roam. Much to the detriment of their societies, as evidenced by Margot Robbie.