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Phoebe Cates’ Iconic Nude Scene A.I. Enhanced

Phoebe Cates nude

The scientists at Celeb Jihad Labs in Tehran once again demonstrate the unequaled brilliance of the Muslim mind, as they use A.I. (Advanced Islamic) technology to upscale and enhance Phoebe Cates’ iconic nude scene from the film “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” in the video below.

Truly the genius of us Muslim men can not be disputed, as Phoebe Cates’ soaking wet nude titties have now been revealed like never before. In fact, it is doubtful that even the late great actor (I assume that he is dead by now) Judge Reinhold got this good a look at Phoebe’s chesticles while co-starring in this scene.

As a bonus, check out our previous work fully exposing Phoebe’s halal naked teen body in the video above featuring her enhanced nude scenes from the film “Paradise”.

Phoebe Cates Nude Scenes From “Paradise” Color-Corrected

For this very special Thanksgiving version of “Throwback Thursday” we give thanks for what are perhaps the greatest nude scenes in heathen Hollywood history with the expertly color-corrected and brightened high definition video above of Phoebe Cates naked in “Paradise”.

Phoebe Cates nude

Of course Phoebe was famously 17-years-old at the time that these nude scenes were filmed which makes her still of a proper breeding age, and this video halal for us pious Muslims to watch and enjoy.

So I can say what a shame it is that no one makes movies of this caliber anymore, for the eroticism of Phoebe’s teen tits and ass in a cave is off the charts. If the infidel masses were not all impotent flaming homofag dorks obsessed with stupid superhero remakes, they’d demand that Hollywood return to making important films such as this one at once.