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GentleWhispering Sex Tape And Nude Photo Leaked

YouTube star GentleWhispering (real name Maria Viktorovna) appears to have just leaked the nude sex tape video above and photo below online.

GentleWhispering nude

With this leak GentleWhispering appears to be the latest ASMR girl to go from gentle whispering to hardcore degeneracy, and us pious Muslims can not say that we are surprised. For any woman who spends her days seductively speaking to strangers online is a depraved Jezebel worthy of the stones of justice.

However, in GentleWhispering’s case she at least had the good sense to take this topless selfie after her pregnancy, thus advertising her mammaries’ impressive milk making capabilities. If she is willing to submit to Islam as livestock and have her tongue removed as penance, we might forgive her numerous soft spoken crimes against Sharia law and issue her a pardon.