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Top 10 Celeb Nude Scenes From 1976-1980

The video above features a compilation of the best celebrity nude scenes in films from 1976-1980, in what is a continuation of our award winning series (1970-1975 can be found here).

There is no denying that even in the late 1970’s when Satanic disco music and homofag British singers were all the craze, heathen Hollywood still managed to produce nude scenes that are much more halal than the ones today.

However, if you do not wish to see these blasphemous boobies from the past in motion in the video above, the list of actresses is presented as photos below.

Lynda Carter – “Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw” (1976)

Lynda Carter nude

Rae Sperling – “Hollywood High” (1976)

Rae Sperling nude

Rae Sperling – “Game Show Models” (1977)

Rae Sperling nude

Joan Collins – “The Stud” (1978)

Joan Collins nude

Susan Sarandon – “Pretty Baby” (1978)

Susan Sarandon nude

Idy Tripoldi – “Fairy Tales” (1978)

Idy Tripoldi nude

Kirsten Baker – “Gas Pump Girls” (1979)

Kirsten Baker nude

Lenka Novak – “Cheerleader’s Wild Weekend” (1979)

Lenka Novak nude

Wally Ann Wharton – “Cheerleader’s Wild Weekend” (1979)

Wally Ann Wharton nude

Dawn Clark – “The Hollywood Knights” (1980)

Dawn Clark nude

Monika Verbutaite Full Frontal Nude Scene From “Endangered Species”

Monika Verbutaite nude

The video below features Monika Verbutaite full frontal nude shower scene from the 2002 film “Endangered Species”.

As you can see from this video, Monika Verbutaite is an impressive specimen of female livestock, for her enormous undulating udders would make a Holstein cow green with envy.

Unfortunately instead of spending her life chained up in a barn being roughly milked dry by the coarse calloused hands of a Muslim dairy farmer, Monika squandered her immense titty talents in Tinseltown… A decision she now no doubt regrets, as her “acting career” consists entirely of this one movie and the milk in her massive mammaries is certainly curdled and spoiled at this point.

Tanya Reynolds Full Frontal Nude Scene From “Fanny Lye Deliver’d”

Tanya Reynolds nude

The video below features Tanya Reynolds full frontal nude scene from the film “Fanny Lye Deliver’d”.

As you can see Tanya Reynolds is an up-and-coming harlot in heathen Hollywood, for not only does she star on the popular Netflix series “Sex Education”, but she is an impish slut who has no qualms about showing off her itty bitty titties and dank musty pubic mound.

Tanya Reynolds sexy

Yes, Tanya Reynolds proves that there is still a place for dewy-eyed degenerate white women in the infidel entertainment industry… However with that said, no doubt soon enough the #BlackLivesMatter movement will demand that all of these sorts of raunchy roles in historical English dramas are recast with big black women.

Marta Gastini Full Frontal Nude Scene From “Borgia”

Marta Gastini nude

The video below features Italian actress Marta Gastini’s full frontal nude scene from the TV series “Borgia”.

There is no denying that Marta’s tight round ass is quite nice… Her tiny androgynous titties and dark thick musty pubic burka certainly add to her appeal to us pious Muslim men as well… However, all of that is certainly not enough to make up for her blasphemously brazen ways, and her fugly wide set eyes fish face.

Marta Gastini nude

Yes, Marta’s dank hairy greasy guido gash is certainly a sight to behold, but her face is what is known as a triple burka-er in the Islamic world… For to bang her one would need a burka for her, one for yourself in case her’s fell off, and one for your favorite goat so that she would not lose all respect for you.

Olivia Wilde Nude Scenes From “Third Person” Enhanced In 4K

Olivia Wilde nude

The video below features Olivia Wilde’s nude scenes from the film “Third Person” color-corrected and enhanced in ultra high definition.

While there is certainly no denying that Olivia’s naked body is a vile and sinfully offensive sight to behold, us pious Muslims find that she does possess a couple of redeeming attributes. The first is that her tiny tight tush is extremely reminiscent of the one’s on our beloved bacha bazi (dancing boys)… And the other is that with her strong square jawline she can take a punch, and so after a righteous beating she won’t be sidelined from dick sucking for long.

Yes, this video has helped secure Olivia’s place in the coming world Islamic caliphate getting her poop chute and smug mug pounded… A tremendous honor to be sure.