Amber Heard’s Nipples On Display

Amber Heard nipple

Amber Heard shows off her nipple in the recently released outtake photo above.

Amber Heard nip slip

Unfortunately Amber flaunting her sinful tit toppers is becoming a habit, as she recently shared the photo above of her in a post-coital embrace with a filthy K9 as her breast hangs out flapping in the breeze.

Amber Heard nipple

Add to that this other recent photo of Amber parading her erect teat around town while braless in a see through top, and it is clear that something must be done to stop this brazen Jezebel before she puts an eye out… Or worse yet infects the loins of a pious Muslim man with lecherous djinns.

Of course the simplest solution would be for Amber to wear the holy burka, as there is not a nipple in the world that can pierce its impenetrable shield of modesty. Personally I hope she opts for the much more fun sharpened scimitar, duct tape, and 3 powerful mujaheddin holding her down solution.