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A.I. Enhanced Celebrity Nudes Vol. 1

Olivia Munn Erin Moriarty nude

In what is sure to be an ongoing series on this holy Muslim website, we have used our proprietary Advanced Islamic (A.I.) Imaging software to enhance by brightening, color-correcting, and upscaling the nude celebrity photos below.

Alice Eve – “Crossing Over”

Alice Eve nude

Anne Hathaway – “Havoc”

Anne Hathaway nude

Cara Delevingne – “Carnival Row”

Cara Delevingne nude

Emily Kinney – “Masters of Sex”

Emily Kinney nude

Emmy Rossum – “Shameless”

Emmy Rossum nude

Erin Moriarty – “Driven”

Erin Moriarty nude

Jessica Pare – “Hot Tub Time Machine”

Jessica Pare nude

Lizzy Caplan – “Masters of Sex”

Lizzy Caplan nude

Lucy Hale – “Dude”

Lucy Hale nude

Mary Elizabeth Winstead – “All About Nina”

Mary Elizabeth Winstead nude

Olivia Munn – “Magic Mike”

Olivia Munn nude

Sydney Sweeney – “Euphoria”

Sydney Sweeney nude

Any suggestions for our next set of celebrity nudes can be made in the comments below… Just be prepared to be called a homoqueer by our crew of righteous Muslim commentators.

Cara Delevingne nude sex scene from “Carnival Row” (2019) s01e03

Cara Delevingne nude sex scene from “Carnival Row” (2019) Season 1 Episode 3 (s01e03), where you can see her fully naked during sex action with Orlando Bloom (Rycroft). Cara enjoyed the process and her wings fluttered. Instagram:

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Cara Delevingne Nude Sex Scene From “Carnival Row”

Cara Delevingne nude

Cara Delevingne gets naked in the sex scene below from the new sci-fi fantasy series from Amazon Prime titled “Carnival Row”.

This sex scene certainly allows one to appreciate what a weird looking freak Cara is. For even without her Satanic shape-shifter wings, Cara has the appearance of some sort of mythic forest imp. Of course the best thing to do when confronted by such a creature is to immediately throw acid in its face while reciting verses from the holy Qur’an.

Cara Delevingne bondage

Although in Cara’s case, us virile Muslims might just make an exception and vigorously violate her sin holes first… Provided of course that she is properly bound and gagged beforehand, so as not to offend our pious Muslim senses with any of her vile stank puss smelling lesbodyke breath and blasphemous feminist ideology.

Bisexual model Cara Delevingne nude for Marie Claire September 2019

Bisexual model, actress Cara Delevingne nude in a new photoshoot by Thomas Whiteside for Marie Claire September 2019 Issue. In some shots, the star appears completely naked on a leather sofa, in other photos she sensually poses in voluminous outfits with tousled hair on the background of the sea. In addition to the photoshoot, Cara […]

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