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Christina Hendricks’ Nude Tits Are Out Of Control

Christina Hendricks nude topless

Christina Hendricks’ big nude tits are completely out of control, as you can see in the behind-the-scenes video clip below.

There is no denying that Christina’s enormous udders have grown even larger in recent years, and that they now have reached a point where they are a real threat to life on this planet as we know it…

Christina Hendricks tits

For soon Christina’s ginormous globe boobies will begin to exert their own gravitational field, thus upsetting the delicate balance of the oceans’ tides.

This is certainly no laughing matter, as Christina’s massive mammaries pose a far greater threat to mankind than any Zionist hoax “climate change” nonsense.

Christina Hendricks boobs

Humanities only hope for survival at this point is for us powerful Muslim’s to milk Christina’s bursting breast sacks before it is too late. For if we can drain her ducts in time, we may be able to deflate her chesticles enough to avoid the apocalypse (or should I say titpocalypse)… For now.