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Emily Ratajkowski Jerks Off A Random Guy

Emily Ratajkowski sex

Emily Ratajkowski appears to jerk a cock while out partying with friends in the photo above. According to witnesses a random guy approached the car Emily was riding in with his dick out, as it was leaving a nightclub on the Sunset strip at 3 in the morning. Emily then reached out and gave it a few quick tugs while her clearly inebriated girlfriends laughed and shouted encouragement.

Emily Ratajkowski nude

What a lucky guy to have his penis touched by Emily Ratajkowski… Something that probably only 6 or 7 thousand other men have experienced. Of course it comes as no surprise to us righteous Muslims to find out that Emily is a sexoholic, for the blasphemously puffy nipples on her torpedo titties are a sure sign that she is a degenerate nympho.

Emily Ratajkowski cum facial

Perhaps Emily would not be such a depraved cum queen if she had her sex slit circumcised like a proper woman…

Although with that said, there are just some females who are beyond all hope of helping, and after all these years of sickeningly sinful behavior it is probably safe to assume that Emily falls into that category.

Anne Hathaway Nude Headshots And Handjob Audition Tape

Anne Hathaway nude

With an Academy Award on her resume and a role as “Catwoman” in the blockbuster Batman franchise, Anne Hathaway’s career seemed to be heading to the highest heights in heathen Hollywood. Now just a few short years later, Anne appears to be sending around fully nude “headshots” (above) and jerking off casting directors (below) just to be considered for a part.

Yes, Anne’s fall from glory should be a cautionary tale for all actresses, that fame is fleeting… Especially if they are a fit heterosexual white woman. For as the progressive movement continues its accelerated march of “wokeness” in the entertainment industry, anyone who is not a member of 3 or more “oppressed” groups will likely see their privilege checked and be shown the door.

Anne Hathaway topless

Of course Anne is just lucky that this Chinese funded leftist cultural revolution is not completely like Mao’s, or some obese disabled black lesbian radical would have shot her and dumped her in a ditch for being part of the bourgeoisie by now… But us Muslims will still continue to pray that things head that direction soon.