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Nina Dobrev Comes Out As An S&M Submissive

Nina Dobrev choker

Actress Nina Dobrev has just come out as an S&M submissive by wearing the stainless steel choker in the photos above.

It should come as no surprise that Nina Dobrev is a sub sex slut, for she has always been extremely obedient on camera… Not only doing whatever the Zionists who run heathen Hollywood require of her, but also shaking her titties to her depraved fanbase while signing autographs.

Of course part of the whole S&M lifestyle is bondage sessions, and no one knows more about this than us virile Muslim men… For we have been restraining women before sex for centuries. Naturally the backwards brain dead Western infidels manage to mess up this most halal of sex acts by over complicating things with elaborate contraptions (like the one Nina is in above) when a simple piece of coarse rope and an old rag serves the purpose just as well.

Ashlynne Yennie Nude Sex Scenes From “Submission”

Ashlynne Yennie nude

The video below features the complete compilation of Ashlynne Yennie’s nude sex scenes from the TV series “Submission”.

The holy Qur’an is very clear that bondage is the most halal form of sex… Of course the moronic infidels manage to completely mess it up in these Ashlynn Yennie sex scenes. For true bondage doesn’t involve elaborate contraptions and nipple tweaking… No, as any red-blooded Muslim man can tell you, the best bondage sessions require just an old piece of rope and not a hint of blasphemous female sexual pleasure.

Yes, while the pathetically emasculated infidel men are tying women up and tickling their taints with ostrich feathers, us powerful Muslims are kicking in teeth and stretching holes just like the blessed Prophet (PBUH) use to do back in the day. Thus proving once again that Islamic culture is vastly superior to the West’s in every way.

Lady Gaga Nude Pussy Bondage Photos

Lady Gaga nude pussy

Pop star Lady Gaga shows off her nude pussy while tied up with a rope in the naked bondage photos below.


Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Lady Gaga

As you can see, these nude photos were taken a few years ago when Lady Gaga was briefly held captive in the glorious ISIS Islamic caliphate in Syria. Unfortunately our ISIS brothers had to release Lady Gaga as the stench from her rotten sex box was so heinous that some began to question the existence of a loving God that would allow such a foul smell.

Of course not only did Lady Gaga’s gash smell grotesque, but her incessant insistence on being “gang raped” by our massive Muslim manhoods grew quite annoying. In the end it was just easier to take the thousand mile treacherous trek to the Turkish border and drop her depraved ass off, then to continue putting up with her disgusting degeneracy.

Gal Gadot Nudity And Bondage In New “Wonder Woman”

Gal Gadot nude Wonder Woman

The photo above is reportedly of actress Gal Gadot showing off her nude body under fishnets on the set of the new “Wonder Woman” film.

According to our sources in heathen Hollywood, Gal Gadot has successfully lobbied producers of her new “Wonder Woman” movie to include not only some light nudity, but also kinky bondage and S&M sex play.

Gal Gadot bondage

Gal allegedly insisted that the film include this fetish depravity after she finished reading the book “50 Shades of Grey”; telling studio execs that it was a “literary masterpiece” and “the only book without pictures” that she has ever been able to finish reading. In fact, Gal was so moved by the book that she nearly developed carpal tunnel, and had to be briefly hospitalized for a serious case of dehydration.

Whether movie-goers in the West will be excited about seeing Wonder Woman’s deviant behavior up on the big screen remains to be seen, but our guess would be yes… Especially if Batman is able to work his fist up into Gal’s sphincter hole while calling her his “dirty little cock whore”.