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Top 5 Nude Celeb “Dolly Parton Challenge” Memes

The “Dolly Parton Challenge” meme is trending with celebrities right now, as it gives them a chance to show that they are just regular down-to-earth people who have no problem poking fun at themselves…

Of course that is not true at all, as every celebrity is a vapid narcissist who lives in an elitist bubble surrounded by ass kissers, so naturally all of their attempts at this challenge were complete failures. Luckily for them us pious Muslims are here to give them a true view of who they are with the top 5 nude celebrity Dolly Parton Challenge memes below.

#5 Brie Larson

Brie Larson nude

#4 Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus nude

#3 Kate Upton

Kate Upton nude

#2 Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence nude

#1 Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber nude

In retrospect this post may have just been an elaborate way to call Justin Bieber a homofag (and to a lesser extent Jennifer Lawrence Harvey’s whore)… For you see. unlike celebrities us Muslims are capable of self-reflection.

Brie Larson Braless Titty Bouncing

Brie Larson nipples pokies

Brie Larson bounces her tits while running down a flight of stairs braless in the video clip below.

As you can see from the photos below, Brie Larson has a long history of brazenly baring her blasphemous braless boobs… Of course one day soon this is going to catch up to her…

Brie Larson braless boobs

For if Brie is not righteously stoned by a Muslim man, then she will surely either get slapped in the face by or slip over her sad sagging milk sacks and end up breaking her neck.

Brie Larson bikini

Although to Brie’s credit, in recent months she has done a good job of purging and slimmed down enough that her breasts are significantly smaller… But unholstered they are certainly still a safety hazard.

Brie Larson Tits And Ass In A Bikini

Brie Larson bikini

Brie Larson flaunts her pushed-up titties and dumpy ass while laying around in a bikini in the recently released candid photos above.

Brie Larson tits

Of course Brie is no stranger to showcasing her blasphemous breast sacks, as you can see from the collage of braless photos above.

Brie Larson ass

However, Brie’s brazen butt brandishing is something new, as it coincides with her thinking that she is “fit” because she exercised a couple times while preparing to play “Captain Marvel”. Unfortunately for Brie her flabby “skinny fat” backside does not impress us Muslim men, for the hindquarters on our beloved Musliminas are far firmer and rounder thanks to the many tireless hours spent out in the fields pulling the plow.

With that said, us virile Muslim may still shove our fat tunic snakes down Brie’s mouth hole… Not because we find her attractive in the least, but rather to shut her up… For she is one of the most loquacious vapid skanks in all of heathen Hollywood.