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Annie Lederman Flashes Her Nude Tits

Annie Lederman nude

“Comedian” Annie Lederman flashes her nude tits while recording a comedy album in the video clip below.

As we have pointed out many times, it is impossible for a woman to be truly funny as their tiny feeble female brains are incapable of the higher capacities needed for wit. Annie exemplifies this undeniable truth, as her routine involves talking about “muh vagina” while showing off her sloppy sad milk sacks… No doubt her father the famous late night TV host David Lederman is rolling over in his grave at this cringey chesticle bit.

Amy Schumer nude

Besides Annie isn’t even in the same league as top kuffar female comics like Amy Schumer… Who actually have a sense of what sort of depraved nude acts might get a chuckle, as you can see in the naked photo above of her fat ass on all fours while drinking out of a toilet.